ICC T20 World Cup 2020: Fixtures, Venues and more

Australia will begin their Women’s Twenty20 World Cup title defence against India next year in a tournament the International Cricket Council (ICC) is hoping to conclude with a record attendance for a women’s sporting event.
The tournament will start on 21 February and culminate at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 8 March which is also International Women’s Day.
The ICC said the final presents a “groundbreaking opportunity” to surpass the current attendance record for a women’s fixture for any sport of 90,185, set at the 1999 women’s football World Cup final between the United States and China.
The MCG has a capacity in excess of 100,000 people, although the ICC is hoping to attract more than 92,000.
ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schedule: Complete fixtures of all matches, dates, time table and venue
Both men's and women's Twenty20 World Cup to be held in Australia in 2020. Image courtesy: Twitter @ICC
“Whenever we host an event in Australia we know we can guarantee the one billion cricket fans around the world a great show,” ICC chief executive David Richardson said.
“Outstanding venues. Noisy, passionate, knowledgeable fans. Exciting cricket. This is the perfect combination for a T20 World Cup.”
Australia, who won their fourth T20 title last November, will meet India at the Sydney Showgrounds on 21 February, followed by games against Sri Lanka, a qualifier and New Zealand in Group A.
Group B features England and West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan and the other yet to be confirmed qualifying team.
For the first time, the women’s and men’s T20 World Cups will be held as standalone events in the same year, with the men’s tournament being staged from 18 October to 15 November, with the final also at the MCG.
“To hold two T20 World Cup finals at the world’s largest cricket stadium in front of 92,000 people with hundreds of millions more watching around the world is a particularly exciting prospect,” Richardson added.
The men’s tournament begins with a series of qualifying matches before Australia open the Super 12 section at the Sydney Cricket Ground against Pakistan on 24 October, while India meet South Africa at Perth Stadium.
Below are the full fixtures of the men's tournament:
First Round
DateMatchesVenueTime (Local)
18 October, 2020Sri Lanka v Qualifier A3Kardinia Park, South Geelong2.00 pm
18 October, 2020Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A4Kardinia Park, South Geelong7.00pm
19 October, 2020Bangladesh v Qualifier B3Bellerive Oval, Tasmania2.00pm
19 October, 2020Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B4Bellerive Oval, Tasmania7.00pm
20 October, 2020Qualifier A3 v Qualifier A4Kardinia Park, South Geelong2.00pm
20 October, 2020Sri Lanka v Qualifier A2Kardinia Park, South Geelong7.00pm
21 October, 2020Qualifier B3 v Qualifier B4Bellerive Oval, Tasmania2.00pm
21 October, 2020Bangladesh v Qualifier B2Bellerive Oval, Tasmania7.00pm
22 October, 2020Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A3Kardinia Park, South Geelong2.00pm
22 October, 2020Sri Lanka v Qualifier A4Kardinia Park, South Geelong7.00pm
23 October, 2020Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B3Bellerive Oval, Tasmania2.00pm
23 October, 2020Bangladesh v Qualifier B4Bellerive Oval, Tasmania7.00pm
Super 12
DateMatchesVenueTime (Local)
24 October, 2020Australia v PakistanSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney7.00pm
24 October, 2020India v South AfricaPerth Stadium, Perth7.00pm
25 October, 2020A1 v B2Blundstone Arena, Hobart2.00pm
25 October, 2020New Zealand v WindiesMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne7.00pm
26 October, 2020Afghanistan v A2Perth Stadium, Perth2.00pm
26 October, 2020England v B1Perth Stadium, Perth7.00pm
27 October, 2020New Zealand v B2Blundstone Arena, Hobart7.00pm
28 October, 2020Afghanistan v B1Perth Stadium, Perth2.00pm
28 October, 2020Australia v WindiesPerth Stadium, Perth7.00pm
29 October, 2020Pakistan v A1Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney2.00pm
29 October, 2020India v A2Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne7.00pm
30 October, 2020England v South AfricaSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney2.00pm
30 October, 2020Windies v B2Perth Stadium, Perth7.00pm
31 October, 2020Pakistan v New ZealandBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane2.00pm
31 October, 2020Australia v A1Brisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane7.00pm
1 November, 2020South Africa v AfghanistanAdelaide Oval, Adelaide2.00pm
1 November, 2020India v EnglandMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne7.00pm
2 November, 2020A2 v B1Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney2.00pm
2 November, 2020New Zealand v A1Brisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane7.00pm
3 November, 2020Pakistan v WindiesAdelaide Oval, Adelaide2.00pm
3 November, 2020Australia v B2Adelaide Oval, Adelaide7.00pm
4 November, 2020England v AfghanistanBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane7.00pm
5 November, 2020South Africa v A2Adelaide Oval, Adelaide2.00pm
5 November, 2020India v B1Adelaide Oval, Adelaide7.00pm
6 November, 2020Pakistan v B2Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne2.00pm
6 November, 2020Australia v New ZealandMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne7.00pm
7 November, 2020England v A2Adelaide Oval, Adelaide2.00pm
7 November, 2020Windies v A1Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne7.00pm
8 November, 2020South Africa v B1Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney2.00pm
8 November, 2020India v AfghanistanSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney7.00pm
Semi-finals and Final
DateMatchesVenueTime (Local)
11 November, 2020Semi-final 1Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney7.00pm
12 November, 2020Semi-final 2Adelaide Oval, Adelaide7.00pm
15 November, 2020FinalMelbourne Cricket Ground, MelbourneTentative
Below are the full fixtures of the women's tournament:
DateMatchesVenueTime (Local)
21 February, 2020Australia v IndiaSydney Showground, Sydney7.00pm
22 February, 2020Windies v Qualifier 2WACA, Perth2.00pm
22 February, 2020New Zealand v Sri LankaWACA, Perth7.00pm
23 February, 2020England v South AfricaWACA, Perth7.00pm
24 February, 2020Australia v Sri LankaWACA, Perth2.00pm
24 February, 2020India v Qualifier 1WACA, Perth7.00pm
26 February, 2020England v Qualifier 2Manuka Oval, Canberra2.00pm
26 February, 2020Windies v PakistanManuka Oval, Canberra7.00pm
27 February, 2020India v New ZealandJunction Oval, Melbourne2.00pm
27 February, 2020Australia v Qualifier 1Manuka Oval, Canberra7.00pm
28 February, 2020South Africa v Qualifier 2Manuka Oval, Canberra2.00pm
28 February, 2020England v PakistanManuka Oval, Canberra7.00pm
29 February, 2020New Zealand v Q1Junction Oval, Melbourne10.00am
29 February, 2020India v Sri LankaJunction Oval, Melbourne2.00pm
1 March, 2020South Africa v PakistanSydney Showground, Sydney2.00pm
1 March, 2020England v WindiesSydney Showground, Sydney7.00pm
2 March, 2020Sri Lanka v Qualifier 1Junction Oval, Melbourne2.00pm
2 March, 2020Australia v New ZealandJunction Oval, Melbourne7.00pm
3 March, 2020Pakistan v Qualifier 2Sydney Showground, Sydney2.00pm
3 March, 2020Windies v South AfricaSydney Showground, Sydney7.00pm
5 March, 2020Semi-final 1SCG, Sydney2.00pm
5 March, 2020Semi-final 2SCG, Sydney7.00pm
8 March, 2020FinalMCG, Melbourne7.00pm
Note: The information of the fixtures have been sourced from ICC's official website.

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