What are some dark secrets of the Indian Cricket team dressing room?

No, there are no ‘dark secrets’ about the Indian team’s dressing room. There have been arguments, drama, gossip, etc. in the dressing room. Usually, players relax, crack jokes, listen to music, talk about what’s trending, and of course, get ready.
Respecting some part of this question, I’d like to share a few stories:
1. Virat Kohli doesn’t consider himself a ‘senior’ to newcomers:
“itna bhi koi serious hone ki zarurat nahi hai!”
(There’s no need to be that serious!)
2. Coach John Wright (2000–05) once grabbed Virender Sehwag by his collar for (Sehwag’s) poor selection of shots which was costing him his wicket. Sehwag was warned multiple times but didn’t change his stance. The next time he lost his wicket, Wright grabbed him by his collar in the dressing room.
3. During the 2004 Multan test against Pakistan, Sachin Tendulkar got fed up with captain Rahul Dravid. Dravid had declared the innings when Sachin was 6 runs shy of a double-century. In the dressing room, Sachin asked Dravid to “leave him alone”. Despite that, both took the field together and the grudge ended.
4. Sachin resents being called “grandpa” in the dressing room. After Sachin completed 20 years in cricket in 2009, Yuvraj Singh revealed that teammates were calling Sachin “grandpa” in the dressing room (just to portray him as being much ‘bigger’ than them). Sachin disliked it and warned Yuvraj (and others) to not use that name for him again.

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